CTG Foundation in Virginia is a private 501 (c)(3) organization that is dedicated to helping less-fortunate families. Our team assists in the development of positive and lasting life skills for children to help themselves and others become successful. Contact us today for more information. Every year, the CTG Foundation continues to advance its mission and remain dedicated to helping underprivileged children and their families live successfully and joyfully. We help children from birth to age 22, both in the U.S. and Internationally.

Assistance for Underprivileged Youths

Helping Children Develop Skills for Success.

Assistance for Underprivileged Youths

Helping Children Develop Skills for Success

The Story Behind Our Nonprofit Organization

Brian Reynolds, a business owner, participated in a sustainable clean water project in a small pacific fishing village called El Transito in Nicaragua in 2017. During his visit to Nicaragua, he was deeply moved by the sight of entire villages and towns suffering from extreme poverty. The poverty was so extreme that kids were drinking contaminated water to survive.

Greatly dismayed, Brian shared his experience in Nicaragua with one of his business partners, Dennis Yoon. Coincidentally, Brian and Dennis discovered that they both shared a similar passion for helping children break the cycle of poverty.

Six months after their conversation, CTG Foundation was founded by the two business partners with the common goal of helping underprivileged children learn positive and lasting life skills to overcome a generational cycle of poverty.


What We Do

Sustainable Clean Water Projects

Clean water is a scarce natural resource in most of Nicaragua, along with other third-world countries. Drilling sustainable and clean deepwater wells provide this basic necessity in life for those in need. When clean water is made consistently accessible, the door opens for multiple building blocks which can then be put in place by hardworking people. This is the tip of the spear to generating life and a thriving community of men, women, and children.

Nourishment Projects

CTG Foundation resources and teaches the craft of planting and growing sustainable food sources. This provides both the nourishment as well as commerce necessary in generating a healthy lifestyle for families.

Academic and Athletic Scholarships

CTG Foundation scholarships are provided by entering into a partnership with local school teachers, principals, coaches, and community leaders. These scholarships range from donations of necessary school materials and sports equipment for those who partner with academic mentorship programs all the way up to direct financial assistance for higher education.

Local Job Creation

All of the projects that the CTG Foundation conducts are about enabling local economies to grow from within and thrive.

The projects range from the complexities of local teams being employed and working alongside us in drilling deepwater wells or building and repairing grade schools and churches to the simplest of gestures such as supporting local textile merchants, local hostels, and restaurants that employ single women and mothers to craft quality products and earn a respectable, quality living. In most cases, these women go on to become landowners and provide a quality home environment and deserved education for their children.

School Financial Assistance

Many youths in third world regions are in a positive movement in which they are becoming their first-in-family to graduate from high school.

By providing financial assistance to these dedicated students and their mentors, CTG Foundation is helping them take the next steps and enter universities and trade schools that will generate opportunities for them to develop a successful career in the medical, mechanical, or service industry.

Mentoring and Leadership Training

By remaining directly involved and taking teams into the regions where the CTG Foundation and our partners are providing financial and project-based assistance, we are given a unique opportunity to mentor and train the youth.

Our teams plan and execute events and activities starting with the youngest of ages in grade school by providing after-school activities such as Vacation Bible School (VBS), sports programs, games, and tutoring. We also intersect with teenagers and young adults by partnering with local businesses and merchants who provide internships, employments, and mentoring programs.